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Join Hobe Lake Ski Club

We would love to ski with you! 

Membership fee: $85

*The initial fee is given back to you as credit for your first ski set

Ski set cost:

Adult ski sets: $85/set

Junior ski set (anyone 30 years old and younger): $65/set

Already a Member? Click HERE to log in to your account.

Sign-up Process

Step 1

Enter your email address and create a username for your skier account. 

Step 4

Lastly, click on the "Calendar" button and use the credit in your account to book your first ski set.

Step 2

Next, check your email for a temporary password, log in to your account and sign the two lake waivers.

Note: If you are also registering minors to ski, click on the "Add minors" button to add them to your account.

Step 5

Enjoy your ski set!

Step 3

Then, pay the initial $85 membership fee via PayPal. This fee is given back to you as credit in your skier account for your first ski set.

Chris Rossi, Radar Ski Designer & Former Professional Skier

Hobe Lake Ski Club is my go to spot for south Florida skiing. This is a world class facility with top level instructors where the emphasis is on the skier. A uniquely personal experience that will not disappoint!

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