Winter Fitness Training

With winter upon us, now is a good time to get serious about getting in shape for next season.

Working out with a personal trainer may produce better results than going to the gym by yourself. A good trainer should be able to give you exercises specific to your sport and help you stay motivated through the winter months.

slalom skierAs we all know, core training is beneficial to us water skiers, but often we tend to overlook our legs. Strong legs are essential to maintaining a quiet upper body and powerful position in the slalom course.

Make sure to use proper technique during your workouts to prevent injury; this is another reason why it might be beneficial to work with a coach. It’s also very important to work on flexibility with a good stretching program, and then exercise your muscles through their full range of motion. Just try to have a good time doing it!

Last but not least, planning a trip here to Florida’s Treasure Coast can break up the winter just enough to get you up to speed faster next spring. You’ll forget about all the hard work you put in when you’re ripping it up and running your personal best next season.

The Perfect Morning

This was one of those perfect mornings at Hobe Lake. There was a slight head and tail wind, beautiful blue skies, a few puffy clouds—ideal skiing conditions. I had to pinch myself as a reminder about how lucky we are to be part of such a great sport.

blue sky, puffy clouds over ski boatObviously, water skiing in itself is fantastic but there is so much more to this game—the time we spend outdoors, the friendships that evolve and all the good times we have are some of my favorites…

Fun! This is probably number one for me. Even though we take skiing very seriously and are on a constant quest to get better, reminding ourselves that we all started this because we truly enjoy water skiing can help in times when things are not going as well, and it can keep us from taking things too seriously.

Keep ripping it up! We’ll see you at the lake!