New Radar Ski Gear!

We are excited to announce that we have new Radar kids gear for our demo program.

We have been affiliated with Radar Skis since our inception in 2017 and love the thought and effort they put into each of their products—and their kid’s equipment is no exception.

Radar kids waterskiing gear

Check out the highlights of our favorite new items below and schedule a ski set with us today to get your child on the water.

Radar’s Youth Gear

Youth Combo Skis: Radar has two different sizes of youth combo skis to accommodate all kids. Our favorite thing about the Firebolt Combo Skis, is that they come with markers so kids can color and customize their own skis.

Youth Coast Guard Approved Lifejackets: The best part about Radar’s youth lifejackets is that they have a fleece lining to prevent skin irritation and thus avoiding a common excuse for not wanting to wear a flotation device.

Handles: We love teaching kids how to slalom ski and Radar’s Deep V Handle is perfect for helping kids keep their ski straight in the water while learning a deep water start.

We are excited to share our new equipment with you!