Plan for Success!

As temperatures begin to drop and the holidays approach, most skiers are transitioning from on-the-water training to their offseason plan.

Although we recommend a trip to Martin County to escape the cold, we know that training in the gym is just as important. With that being said, here are a few things to think about when creating an offseason training plan.


What is the purpose? Every skier’s goal is to improve his or her practice and tournament scores next season. Having a plan to accomplish this is much more effective than sitting on the couch, eating Cheetos, and waiting for the water to warm up! 


One way to practice this is by scheduling weekly yoga or stretching sessions. Because waterskiing is a sport that repetitively uses the same muscle groups, it’s important to take time at the end of a long season to focus on recovery. This will help the body mend from lingering aches and pains and prepare you to train in the gym.


Another way to optimize the offseason is by following an exercise program. Workout programs can focus on increasing strength, improving mobility, maintaining weight, etc. and all of these components can help you start the next season stronger. 


Lastly, another way to prepare for spring skiing is by processing the good, the bad, and the ugly from this season. Writing out what went well, what technique concepts you learned, what you did to mentally prepare for tournaments, and what you would like to improve next season can help you regroup and start fresh again in the spring.

We’d love to be part of your offseason training plan. For questions and to learn more about skiing with us this winter, email and check out our FAQ page.