HLSC and Radar Skis Join Forces

Hobe Lake Ski Club is happy to announce our affiliation with Radar Skis by becoming an official Radar demo facility. 

The newest Radar models will be available for testing at our South Florida site. Furthermore we will help you set up and personalize your equipment to give you optimum results.

Spring is here and the water is warming up nicely. This is a perfect time to try some new equipment. 

We look forward to seeing you on the water!

2019 Gear

radarSkis2019It’s that time of the year again where all the ski manufacturers have released their 2019 product lines. A lot of us take this as an opportunity to test some new sticks now that the water is still warm and conditions are still nice.

Over the years we have found it easier to evaluate and adjust to new equipment while we’re still in ski shape at the end of the season rather than to start in the spring on a ski that’s new to us.

Most of the new slalom skis for 2019 perform very well. We have seen some of our students have great success on the new Radar Vapor Pro Build.

Radar has made some significant changes over the 2018 model including a new core material, lighter and stronger carbon composites and a new rocker pattern in the tail. They also moved the wide spot of the ski forward while tapering the area underfoot and providing a nice wide tail which results in a very stable ski that moves through the turn with ease and gets beautiful angle and speed. We have noticed the biggest improvements on the toe-side turn. Check out their website for more information.

Contact us to book some ski time to try your new equipment, improve your technique or just enjoy the warm Florida winter with us.

New Ski Nautique!

We recently took delivery of our new 2019 Ski Nautique and it’s awesome!

Ski Nautique at Dock
Nautique has incorporated some very smart changes in the new hull and has come up with the so called “MicroTuner” technology*. It’s really cutting edge stuff and you can read more about it on Nautique’s website.

While you’re there, check out the video of their line of new boats, including ours shot right here in our little slice of paradise, Hobe Sound.

Come try it out, you’ll love your ski experience here!

* Nautique’s new patented MicroTuner technology is a first-ever in the watersports world. These MicroTuners automatically deploy into the water at the transom of the hull and disturb how water flows behind the boat. That disturbance has a very specific job. The MicroTuners cause water to fill in the troughs of the wake, which greatly reduces the disruption skiers typically feel in those areas. This allows for skiers to keep their edge more engaged while directly behind the boat so they are able to load the line and generate speed in order to have more time at the next buoy.