Radar Skis Photoshoot  / Discount

Last weekend, the Radar Team spent three days at Hobe Lake for a photoshoot. You may recognize our lake in their upcoming pictures and promotional videos!

Hobe Lake Ski Club has been affiliated with Radar since 2017 and we are proud to represent a brand that puts such thought and effort into designing their products.

Because of our longterm relationship, our Members are eligible to receive a discount on Radar Ski Gear products. 

Check out Radar’s products on their website and email info@hobelakeskiclub.com for more info about the discounts.

2022 TWBC Sponsor

Hobe Lake Ski Club is proud to sponsor The Waterski Broadcasting Company (TWBC) and support their efforts to promote the sport of waterskiing in 2022!

TWBC travels to waterski tournaments around the country, webcasting professional tournaments and high-level amateur events like the US Nationals. They consistently provide a high-quality webcast that features 3-event waterskiing and behind-the-scenes interviews with the best athletes in the sport.  We believe they have greatly improved our sport’s spectator appeal. 

We are excited about the opportunity to support growing the sport and are looking forward to their broadcasts this year.

Check out the TWBC website to learn more: https://www.waterskibroadcasting.com.