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Idyllic setting in South Florida.
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Hobe Lake Ski Club is a private Hobe Sound water ski club designed and built only for the exciting sport of slalom skiing. Located in Martin County, Florida, the Club offers a world-class ski experience on a pristine natural setting under optimum conditions. Read more…   View video…

Meet our Coaches

Come experience the exhilarating and exciting sport of waterskiing!

Wim DeCree

Ski with Coach Wim DeCree at beautiful Hobe Lake Ski Club. He will teach you how to take your skiing to the next level!

Photo by David Nelson
Proper technique and the correct mental approach can create amazing results! Wim DeCree

Wim DeCree has been a professional water skier and coach since 1998, helping all ages and skill levels simplify seemingly impossible issues and make them achievable on the water. As a young 5’7” skier in Belgium, Wim’s coaches told him that he’d never compete at the top of the sport due to his height. He proved them wrong, and ultimately competed not only at the highest level of his sport, but during his 30 years of tournament experience went on to secure 12 Belgium National Championship titles. He was a finalist in the World Championships and a Silver Medal winner of the European Championships. In 1999, Wim set a new Belgian national record at 2 @ 41 off, a record that still stands today. Wim’s focus is to be the best possible slalom coach.

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Megan Lambert

Megan Lambert is passionate about helping kids and adults of all ages improve their level of waterskiing and reach their goals.

With a background in exercise science, she uses her knowledge of biomechanics and human movement to coach skiers both on the water and in the gym.

Megan has been involved in the waterski community for many years, publishing fitness articles in The Water Skier Magazine, competing as a member of the Purdue Waterski Team from 2012–2016, and working at Coble Waterski and Wakeboard Camp. The highlight of her waterski career has been training and competing with her parents and winning the 2021 Womens 2 National Championship. Megan’s focus is to provide quality coaching in a fun, encouraging environment.


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